Learning by Gaming: ANT and Critical Making


  • Sergio Minniti Yachay Tech University
  • Stefano De Paoli Abertay University




actor-network theory, critical making, critical technical practices, physical computing, game


Relationships among theory, gaming, learning and socio-technical design are explored in the two contributions which compose the section. The theory in question is ANT, re-interpreted through critical making – an umbrella term for various distinctive practices that link traditional scholarship in the humanities and social sciences to forms of material engagement. Sergio Minniti describes an ongoing project called Game of ANT, which draws upon the critical making approach to design an interactive technology and a workshop experience through which scholars and students can conceptuallymaterially engage with ANT, hence exploring and approaching it from novel points of view. Game of ANT adopts the Latourian vision of technoscience as war and physically embodies this idea by proposing a sort of war game during which participants play the roles of human or non-human actors engaging with the competitive dynamics of socio-technical life. The commentary by Stefano De Paoli proposes new directions to develop the project, by deepening the concept of game and its value for design and learning processes.




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Minniti, S., & De Paoli, S. (2018). Learning by Gaming: ANT and Critical Making. Tecnoscienza – Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies, 9(1), 103–120. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.2038-3460/17399



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