Biology, Ethnography and STS: An interview with Christine Hine


  • Christine Hine University of Surrey
  • Attila Bruni University of Trento
  • Paolo Magaudda University of Padova



biology, virtual ethnography, cyberscience, academic trajectory


Christine Hine talks with Tecnoscienza about her academic trajectory and passions, from botany and biology to her entry into the STS field. In this interview she comments on her most famous book (Virtual Ethnography) and her latest work (Systematics as Cyberscience) which traces linkages between science practice and knowledge, ICTS and biology. Going back to her first academic background as a natural scientist, Christine Hine also recalls her experience as past president of EASST and asked about what young STS scholars would nowadays need, emphasizes the absolute centrality of networking and collaborations to foster the field with new yeast.




How to Cite

Hine, C., Bruni, A., & Magaudda, P. (2011). Biology, Ethnography and STS: An interview with Christine Hine. Tecnoscienza – Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies, 2(1), 87–92.