Transformations and current trends in scientific journalism


  • Elisabetta Tola
  • Massimiano Bucchi
  • Federico Neresini



science, journalism, mass media, science communication, public opinion


The debate presented here is inspired by one of the PaSTIS research network seminars organised in Padua on January 2010, and focused on the relationship among science, technology and mass media. The first contribution is a report by an insider in the field, the scientific journalist Elisabetta Tola. She has been working for Radio3 Science as a speaker, as well as for the weekly radio programme Pigreco Party and the scientific communication agency Formicablu. Drawing on these field experiences, she is able to provide an expert up-to-date insider’s perspective on scientific journalism. The contribution is followed by two comments by Massimiano Bucchi and Federico Neresini. Both place Elisabetta Tola's contribution in the context of the most recent debates within Science and Technology Studies regarding the work and tasks of scientific journalism.



How to Cite

Elisabetta Tola, Massimiano Bucchi, & Federico Neresini. (2010). Transformations and current trends in scientific journalism. Tecnoscienza – Italian Journal of Science & Technology Studies, 1(1), 101–112.